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Solar Is A Smart Choice No Matter Where You Live

Nationwide Incentives

Take advantage of solar incentives in your home state! We’ve broken down all 50 states, and on our solar incentives page, you can easily find your home state and get a better look at what your state has to offer when it comes down to state solar incentives, rebates, net metering, and more!

Why Choose Solar?

A Lower Power Bill Is Just The Beginning

Zero Down Solar

With solar financing arrangements, a solar company will install a solar system on your roof at no upfront cost! See if you qualify for zero down solar in less than 2 minutes!

Solar Net Metering

Net metering is a utility rate program that allows your power company to buy unused energy from your solar panels. Get paid by selling solar energy you don’t used back to the grid!

Solar Calculator

Use our solar calculator to see how much energy your home uses, what size solar panels you need, and calculate the average sunlight your solar panels need to power your home

Hey, Did You Know?

Free Solar Panels

The age-old question is, “Can I get solar panels for free?” Unfortunately, no, but depending on the state where you reside, and with massive solar incentives such as the Solar Federal Tax Credit that knocks 30% off the cost, zero down solar installation options, net metering and other rebates, and more makes, the switch to solar more affordable!

Solar Learning

Everything You Need To Know About Solar

Federal Solar Tax Credit

The Federal Solar Tax Credit is available to homeowners across the U.S. This credit amounts to 30% of your solar system's cost to make switching to solar more affordable.

Solar Net Metering

Thanks to the Federal government, multiple federally funded solar programs help homeowners nationwide get solar installed on their homes for little to no upfront cost.

Solar Calculator

Solar panel installation will save you money on your power bill, improve air quality, boost the resale value of your home, allow you to claim independence from the grid, and more!

Solar Education

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